The Journey

The journey of building bikes for the two of us was pretty much chalked up to an addition to riding electric bikes, which we had newly discovered right before the world wide lock down. Both growing up riding riding Moto the idea of electric bikes sounded like a joke but when Aj came home with 2 of them during the 4th of July 2019 everyone quickly went out and bought as many as we would! Then board walk riding kind changed to us wanting to jump things and do more we started designing and changing everything. 

After learning how to change Motors, controller, wiring, programming and everything on that end Aj decided he wanted to build his own electric bike from the ground up. In order to do this one must learn how to weld... so he did! 

Note: When we say "learning" this mean blowing out motors, controllers, batteries Etc. One bike even lit on fire. 😂. But how else do you learn!

Thus the first bike was built!

The prototype

Pretty darn good first build! 

After this we both kinda looked at it and said this is already better than anything we have ridden.. lets make it better and we could sell these things! So the perfecting begins.... which was a lot of perfecting. 

First step to production: Source parts


Bike in garage with parts

Second step: Make test frame


Putting parts on the test frame 

3rd step: Realize there is a lot that needs to change! So back to the building



4th step: build and test frame and rebuild and test frame


Frame on tableframe on jig
test frame built
And she is ridable! Looks pretty close to the finished product but its far from finished! Now come much more tedious changes. 
After this point was one of the hardest parts! We had to change everything. If we didn't like it we changed it, When we hit the pedals on the ground we cut and reconfigured the frame, When the steering wasn't perfect we cut it and moved the angle, When we bent the frame we got bigger steel and started over. All of this has lead to having exactly what we want. Thats the great thing about building this bike is we were in control of every little piece! Now you as the end use are going to get to enjoy what we and many people have found to be the best riding electric cruiser around! 
Finished product photoshoot: ☑️